One of the most popular offerings of BC Safaris is the trail ride into Turnagain.  Our horseback wilderness trips offer mountain vistas, wildlife viewing, photography opportunities, and hiking.  The trail ride into Turnagain has proven to be a life-changing experience for many of our guests.  Seldom has a guest boarded the float plane without tears in their eyes; a part of your heart forever stays in the mountains.

Fishing at Turnagain offers the ultimate zen experience for the fly fisherman.  We are proud to offer an expanse of virtually un-fished lakes, streams, and rivers in a pristine wilderness setting where the waters touch the mountains.  Guests have the opportunity to catch:  Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout, Bull Trout, and the angelic Arctic Grayling.  The only thing that comes close to the fishing is the food and the hospitality.

Wilderness And Fishing Adventures with BC Safaris are TRIPS of a LIFETIME.

Trail ride with BC Safaris