Stone Sheep Hunting in BC

Stone Sheep have camouflage in the summer that is equal to the Dall Sheep’s in winter. They live in a lot of different habitat– as long as there is good escape terrain close by. Our average age is close to 10 years. There have been a few including a couple of 43’s but our strong point is the good population of rams and their dark colour. When the season opens August 1, the rams are generally up high taking advantage of the cool breezes. However if the bugs aren’t too bad they have no hesitation to go down into the scattered timber in some of our valleys and on some occasions stay there. We are fortunate in that our population is scattered throughout our area and with the exception of one mountain range difficult to access. Stone sheep hunting is best in August as the days are longer and the mountain weather generally better then. We have successfully hunted them in October but you have to be a gambler to try your luck then. The season closes October 15.

Stone Sheep Hunting in British Columbia