Mountain Goat Hunting

Mountain Goats are probably the toughest animal in the mountains and there are more grizzlies killed with 1 shot than goats. They like the real rugged country with lots of vertical cliffs for escape terrain. They don’t move very fast across open country. In August and early September the billies like to stay high and as always, usually alone although they might share their mountain with another billy or 2. If they keep their distance. With the change in the vegetation and a few snowstorms in the peaks, they do tend to be a bit lower in late September. To some hunters the hide is as much of a trophy as the horns and in that case it’s better to hunt them later. In our area Mountain Goat can be hunted alone but they make a great combo hunt with sheep in August, caribou in early September and moose, caribou and grizzly later on. Mountain Goat Hunting season is from August 1 to October 15.

Mountain Goat Hunting in British Columbia