Mountain Caribou Hunting

Mountain Caribou are found in almost every range within our area. Obviously some mountains are more used than others due to the food, mineral or protection they offer. The former # 1, and currently # 2 Boone & Crockett caribou scoring 452 came from this area. Also the former #1 Pope & Young animal also was killed here. There are great genetics in the herd and we take record book bulls every year. In summer the caribou are usually found above timberline escaping the variety of bugs that torment them. In years when the insects are minimal they do seem to prefer the timber in August. Like the moose however, the bulls do move high by the end of the month to protect their sensitive antlers. Their rut starts later and lasts longer than the moose and calling them in is rather rare so spotting and stalking is the normal method. Once they bunch up in rutting herds of 20 to 50 it is a challenge to evade that many eyes. Contrary to the belief that caribou are dumb, they just haven’t adapted to man’s hunting style. If you watch a caribou herd being approached by wolves, they seem to accept their presence even within 75 yards. They know that with that much head start they can outrun the wolves. Caribou are a majestic looking animal and we usually can look over a lot of bulls during a 10 day hunt. Mountain caribou hunting season runs from August 15 to October 10.

Caribou Hunting in British Columbia