Guided Hunts

Prices are quoted in US dollars. Due to the fluctuating dollar please call us for current pricing.

On arrival at Turnagain Lake, the crew will be waiting, the coffee will be on, a light lunch waiting, and we will show you to your cabin. You’ll have time to look around and get settled in and then we’ll head down to the rifle range to check your rifle. Hunt details will be finalized over a fine game dinner.

Rides vary depending upon the game you are hunting. Our farthest sheep camp is a two day ride. Our closest moose camp is about a 3 hour ride. It is difficult to get much hunting in when you are travelling with a large string of horses, but we have occasionally taken a great trophy when we are on the trail.

We are nomadic wilderness horseback adventure outfitters , we generally never hunt he same camp twice the same year for the same species, therefore never putting too much pressure on the areas or the game. When we arrive in camp weather it is a cabin or wall tent set up camps are comfortable and clean warm and dry.

On the sheep or goat hunts, the horses are used to get you to the timberline. There is a lot of hiking involved in these hunts once we leave the horses behind.

The moose and caribou hunts involve a lot more riding. The routine is to get to a good vantage point and do a lot of glassing. When the moose are in the rut there are few things as exciting as a bull coming to your call. More often than not, we find caribou herds on the plateaus in the high country.

After a trophy is harvested the work begins for your guide; caping and trophy preparation is done and, by law, we take all edible portions of meat (except grizzly bear). On moose and caribou the pack back to camp is usually done the following day.

Your guided hunts ends with a campfire play by play of each thrilling moment of the hunt, imprinting the experience in your memory for a lifetime.