Full Shutdown Blizzard!

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I hope this finds everyone in better weather than I am in, 3rd day of a Full Shut Down Blizzard here in the Arctic! We have just finished a Guides Course and my nose and cheeks are peeling, no not from too much sun! Frostbite! We are still hoping to get our First CNO Hunters of the Season in this afternoon, although the winds have been so high clearing the runway has turned into a major task. I would suggest at time of writing we will be a day late.

And on a completely different weather pared I just got off the phone with Mike who finds himself in the Best Spring Calving weather possible! And up to his ears in calves!

Shawn and Charlie are in Prince George beginning flying lessons! I am sure they will be at the local bars in the evenings reliving Top Gun scenes and leaving Goose and Maverick in their dust … Mike along with his boys and Charlie and Crew brought in a pile of firewood and I think Mike would far rather be back at Turnagian than calving! They will get back up again soon to finish firewood and chores.

We were visiting at SCI with many of our 2014 Clients and reliving our Season Highlights. It was certainly an excellent year and we look forward to a repeat this year. As well as our high success and terrific Clients we enjoyed many other memorable experiences including me getting a couple stitches learning how to shoe a horse! And baking my first Cake ever for Mikes Birthday, Jim Brawdy and I learning to bake Bread and Cinnamon Buns! I know Jim is still trying to polish his bread making skills and doing fairly well considering he is not Italian.

We finished Ted’s hard earned and very deserved Slam as well as starting a few others. Had a few Ladies with us that were an incredible addition to our normal group of Hunters. Took some wonderful Moose and Caribou and had about as much fun as you can with your clothes on!

Speaking for both Mike and I it is such an incredible feeling having your boys up North with you, Shawn is full on and I was surprised by our youngest son arriving and helping out for a Hunt. Simply the best!

We are extremely excited about the upcoming Season, our Crew will all be back and we are extremely happy about a former Guide and Partner coming back to Guide this Season! We will give reveal his name at a later date.

Look for our next update next month. We will be adding Photos of our New Colts as well!